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This is the best of a sorry collection of blog posts, all launched a few days ago, from Section 4, a corporate online learning company. It's not an auspicious foot forward; the blog doesn't even have RSS and there's no way to follow or subscribe. But. The website as a whole is a slick presentation and the product offering seems compelling. Priced just above $80 per month (about twice the general going rate) it appears to be aimed at premium business clients. It offers short classes (that they call 'sprints'), half-day workshops, video lectures, case studies, networking ("meet ambitious, generous people who will help you grow"), and hands-on support and advice. I can't vouch for the quality of any of it but I'm intrigued by the mix. Writ large, this sort of model is competitive to universities, especially if they can get people to sign up before they ever enter academia.

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