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This is actually a pretty good report (14 page PDF) right up to the point in the last few pages; this is where the evidence thins and the article argues that children learn best from their parents. Even if this is true, it is orthogonal to the main point of the article, which makes it stand out as spin. Up to that point, though, the authors present a compelling scenario describing how VR could help students learn how we know about ancient Greece, offers some examples of projects, and offer a list of principles (learning should be active, engaging, meaningful, social and iterative) describing some good lessons from the study of apps created in the e-learning 2.0 era. It also describes a list of skills - creativity, critical thinking, etc) needed in a digital world. Via EdScoop, which with its headline (Education in the metaverse needs human connection, Brookings argues) made sure readers did not miss the spin.

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