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This report (44 page PDF) is based on a survey of educators in various Commonwealth Countries. The demographics (327 usable responses from 38 Commonwealth countries) are pretty diverse, but I have to wonder about the selection of respondents, because we read that "54.7% of the respondents had completed the Understanding Open Educational Resources online course," which can't be true of the wider population. Can it? The course evaluation report states that "a total of 1,419 participants have successfully completed the course". Or that "Over 40% of respondents had never used OER in augmented reality or virtual reality mode (AR/VR)," which means almost 60% have, which again can't be true. Right? Overall, the results suggests that educators are very aware of and very engaged with open educational resources in general ("an overwhelming proportion (85.7%) of the respondents are aware of OER"). But as much as I would like this to be true, the data in this survey feels really suspect to me, and I think we have a case here of 'selected', rather than representative, respondents. I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

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