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I picked up this item not so much for the trends (which are just last year's trends, continued: active learning, competency, etc) as for the diagram, which I liked. But 'OST' isn't defined anywhere in the article, so I followed the reference to an article in The 74, an advocacy blog with the (unbelievable) post headlined "parents want bold changes in schools — with more learning inside and outside the classroom." It also referenced the diagram with no definitions of key terms, so I followed it back further to a report and slide deck from Learning Heroes (as in, parents can be a 'learning hero' for their kids). These defined Out of School Time (OST) as including sports, religious, scouting and at school activities. I was a fan of these (at least, I was when I wasn't working after school, which was most of the time). So are these a 'trend'? Well, no. 

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