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I wonder how most educational institutions would respond to this stance: "We should stop stop tracking users because it’s wrong." Are there any educational institutions who do not track their users (aka students)? It's all just turned off by default. Chris Coyier notes, for example, that in MailChimp "I can literally see exactly who opened the email (by the person’s email address) and which links they clicked. I didn’t even realize that until now, but wow, that’s very super personally identifiable analytics information." I've always had it turned it off for OLDaily, but this was a conscious decision I had to make. On the other hand, the industry (including education) is structured so as to make tracking necessary. "I’m not ready to tip my apple cart yet," writes Coyier. "I have a mortgage. I have employees to pay. I absolutely do not have a war chest to dip into to ride out a major income shortage. If I lost most of my advertising income I would just… fail."

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