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Clayton R. Wright writes, "Attached is the 46th version of Professional Development Opportunities in Educational Technology and Education (previously known as the Educational Technology and Education Conference List). Over time, the list has grown to include many online events which cannot be classified as conferences. I genuinely try to compile a list of events that will give viewers value for their time. But, I may not always succeed. There are a plethora of events listed on conference websites; however, those who use them must choose wisely. 

"As the state of the Covid-19 pandemic is still in flux, some of the planned face-to-face events may change to a hybrid or online format. A significant number of event organizers have postponed their events as they sit on the sidelines waiting for the pandemic to subside - they do not want to knowingly cause the virus to spread or to be sued by those attending their events. Do check dates and locations before making travel arrangements.

"If you are seeking additional professional development opportunities, including stackable micro-credentials, explore these online platforms - they are listed alphabetically: CourseraEDX/2UFutureLearnKhan AcademyLinkedIn LearningMasterClassNoodlePluralsightSkillshareUdacityUdemy Do take the time to explore the above as you may find a course that may benefit you, your colleagues, and your students. 

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