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This is quite an interesting article because of the way it reframes what we should expect from an education. I can imagine the content-knowledge people protesting because of the need to (as they might say) know facts in order to think critically or set goals. And they're right, but where I part ways with them is in asserting that there's no specific set of facts that people need to learn. Pretty much any set of facts will do. What this document does is to try to identify the set of skills and abilities needed that underlie the facts, and allow a person to navigate from one set of facts to the next. Now we can argue about the details of this list, as I certainly would (why focus only on 'work' and not life? what do we mean by the oft-used term 'literacy'? why call it 'entrepreneurship' instead of the much more neutral 'initiative'?) but I don't think the overall orientation is wrong. Via Daniel Christian.

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