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So here's the argument, from Renee Obringer: "A standard video conference uses 2.5 gigabytes per hour and has a carbon footprint of 157 g of CO2. If one individual has 15 one-hour meetings in a week, his monthly carbon footprint would be 9.4 kg." I see this sort of argument a lot. And I want to be clear that it has nothing to do with individual choices about videoconferencing. To illustrate that point, here's a chart of Ontario Electricity Production. As you can see, less than 3 percent of the electricity in Ontario is produced from fossil fuels. So we're not dumping carbon into the air when we videoconference. True, the situation is very different in other countries. But this is now a matter of national energy policy, not individual choices about videoconferencing (it does matter how you vote, however).

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