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There are some really good points here, but I'm also left with some lingering questions. The good points revolve around the critique of a Washington Post advertisement for intern applications that stipulated applicants much have had prior experience in a major newsroom and be a junior, senior or graduate student. "The Post is looking for students with incredible connections and privilege. Because how else could you have had experience in a 'major newsroom' by the time you’re a junior?" It's how the people with privilege acquire new privilege. But how does this become an issue of decolonization? Here's what we read: "This is the result of decades of newsrooms being shaped by a colonist (read: white, middle- to upper-class people) mindset... (but) if you truly want to attract people with a range of life experiences, you have to be more inclusive and empathetic in your hiring process." Well, I agree. But I don't think 'colonist' is the word that applies here.

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