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Rewilding Your Attention

Aaron Davis, Sept 09, 2021

It's ironic that the source of this discussion on "going beyond the 'inner ring of the internet'" is "a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine, a columnist for Wired and Smithsonian magazines, and a regular contributor to Mother Jones." This - and the Medium blog it comes from - is exactly the opposite of "stepping away from the algorithmic feeds of Big Tech." Here's the thing: most people think their internet community of such-and-such is the internet community of such-and-such, especially when it contains well-read journalists, MIT fellows, and other Persons of Interest. They rarely look beyond their immediate circles of Twitter friends and news sources. Actually rewilding your attention means eschewing the popular, getting your hands dirty with real work, and reading the people nobody else reads. Image: photo by me. 152 views.

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