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This is an interesting topic to be because, arguably, all of these are variations of the personal learning environment. One value of this post is the list - with links - to the related projects. And as Chris Aldrich notes, "they're completely ignoring their predecessors to the tune of feeling like they're trying to reinvent the wheel." Indeed, he says, we're taught to take notes in school, but nobody ever tells us why! What I think is that taking notes is only half the equation, as valuable as it may be. Exploring through those notes, using them in creative products, and sharing or applying the result of your work: all these are equally important. And, adds Aldrich, "my dream—similar to that of Bush's—is for individual commonplace books to be able to communicate not only with their users in the Luhmann-esqe sense, but also communicate with each other." Image: Building a Second Brain.

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