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Product Hunt, May 16, 2021

I'm writing this post on Sunday while watching the ball game. Twitter readers will see it right away and email readers will see it in Tuesday's newsletter. Normally I do most posts the day they publish but gRSShopper allows me to schedule them ahead of time. It also makes them easier to author. I mention all this as I ask what the difference is between my tool at the tool called 'Posted' that automates much of the process of writing social media posts. After all, mass-produced social media is a modern form of information pollution. The posts produced by tools like this aren't efforts to engage and interact; they're just content dumps. "With Posted," runs the tagline, "anyone can build a community." So is this me? I don't think so - most of my work comes in the reading of other people's thoughts and opinions, which I try to accurately reflect and criticize. And my objective isn't to build a community of people around me, it's to send readers elsewhere. Still - it's an important question to ask.

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