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A year in from the start of the pandemic a lot of people are looking at learning and learning design somewhat differently than they they were at the start. I think a good amount of this is the result of being foced oiut of their comfort zones, not only as instructors, but perhaps more crucially, as learners, as it became necessary for a lot of people to learn a lot in a hurry. So we get the sory if vision we see outlined by Alexandra Mihai more and more (quoted/paraphrased):

  • "My purpose when working with faculty is not to teach them pedagogical methods (but instead) to help them make intentional and meaningful choices."
  • "Learning design has become more flexible and nuanced. It’s more like a dialogue... not less rigorous, it’s just more context-sensitive and realistic."
  • "Quality assurance and accreditation, among other internal policies, need to change to organically embed a diversity of delivery modes."

All true, and all seen as more common sense today, but would have been viewed as radical in instructional design a year ago.


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