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Nancy White looks back at a 2017 article by Curtis Ogden offering offering 10 principles for thinking like a network. These are good principles, and I think I've endorsed all of them at one time or another. It's important to see the difference between "what is new and different when we call something a network, as opposed to a coalition, collaborative or alliance." White's post is an incomplete link at the ten principles (she has been pulling out and posting incomplete and (hence) unpublished work from her archives, a practice I applaud) so be sure to follow the link to the Ogden article. I think (based on her title) she was going to ask us to think about the interpersonal aspects of networking, and not simply the structural. That would be fair enough, I think - other people in a network aren't just disembodied objects - but there's a need for caution. When it becomes all about the relationship, and when personalities come into play in a significant way, it becomes more like nepotism than networking.

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