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According to Thomas Arnett, who quotes a survey he led, the answer is yes. "Online learning," he writes, "has become the new normal in many schools. Among teachers surveyed, 83 percent reported that they were teaching either remotely (30 percent), or in a hybrid arrangement (53 percent)." he also reports that "nearly half (42 percent) indicated that their version of remote learning resembled a conventional school day's worth of synchronous instruction (i.e., teaching live from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. over Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams)," which sounds pretty awful. And as a result, "much of pandemic-era education is falling short of its potential." It doesn't help that a lot of teachers spend even more time preparing their own material. He concludes, pessimistically, that "it's going to take more than a massive shift to remote, online instruction for student-centered practices to become widespread."

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