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In the future all jobs will be teaching jobs. That's not Udacity's prediction, it's mine. But it follows from what Jennifer Shalamanov writes in this post. After surveying some of the reasons AI will replace human jobs, she adds a section explaining why AI can't replace some jobs. She offers four reasons: creativity, human connection, complexity, and "someone needs to program the AI". The first three are just wrong. Outside of family and friends (ie., not jobs) the human connection is vastly over-rated. Computers are already creative, and better able to attune their creativity to an attentive audience. Computers thrive in the strategic and complex in a ay that humans (who prefer simple explanations for things) cannot. That leaves only programming. But you don't 'program' AI. It isn't programmed, it learns. So where does that leave us? We will all be teachers. The core existential question for the 21st century is: what will we teach them?

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