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This blog post describes a paper (36 page PDF) by a group of authors describing "the factors and triggers involved in scholars' experiences of online harassment; the environments where said experiences take place, and the consequences it has for personal and professional relationships." It's in the Standard Model: a literature review, conceptual framework, and 38-question survey sampling 182 individuals (more than normal for education research, but still far too few to justify quantitative conclusions (that is, conclusions using terms like 'most', 'common', 'varies by', 'demonstrate the connection between', 'least likely', or 'often'). As a result of this study, we can say, for example, that "there are cases where scholars' online harassment began with their work", but not how often this happens nor how common this is. Yes, I imagine it's pretty common, but this study does not prove that it it, only that it exists (and therefore maybe should be rather more broadly and systematically studied).

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