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In a meeting a few days ago I was asked to predict what's upcoming. I had two items, one of which matches what Matthias Melcher in this post: the resurgence of anti-technology sentiment. A lot of it will be expressed as 'getting back to normal', and a lot of it will be expressed as 'what a disaster digital learning was in 2020'. As Melcher says, "people are craving for the real, the genuine and the authentic." Maybe. And maybe there's a point to what he describes as Luddism. But I think that a lot of people, for a lot of things, won't want to go back. (p.s. the second prediction? I think we'll begin in 2021 to consider the huge deficits the pandemic created, and that by 2022 education will be in a full-blown public funding crisis, the severity of which depends on your particular government). Image: Forbes predictions.

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