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The title of this latest edition of Andy Marken's newsletter makes me think of AIs creating content and AIs viewing that content in a cycle of production that gets weirder and weirder over time. It's not quite that bad, but he does describe a movie called “Sunspring,” produced in 2016, that was written, directed, and even given a musical interlude by an AI. "If you’re kind," he writes, "you call it an incoherent sci-fi B-movie that had all of the elements – intrigue, romance, murder, a dark future world – but fell short … far short." Maybe, but it doesn't follow that quality content won't be produced by AI, only that it hasn't been yet. I would expect more and more of the job to be handled by automated systems in the near future. And even if not, this post shows a number of ways AI is already influencing content production, from constructing compelling reasons to to diversity your content to showing that it's cheaper to crash a real 747 than it is to do it by CGI.

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