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Good paper (17 page PDF) taking as its starting point the lack of an overall conception of 'digital citizenship' in the Ontario government coupled with its recent requirement that students take four online courses, which creates a need for one. Alexander Davis distinguished between 'personally responsible digital citizenship' and 'critical digital citizenship', noting that the former excludes "the potential of digital technology to be used for democratic processes (i.e., researching social issues, critically navigating  various news sources, signing and sharing digital petitions, etc.)." And yet, "Overwhelmingly, educational research examines digital citizenship within the personally responsible  framework," while "youth perceive such limited digital citizenship approaches to merely perpetuate a fear-driven narrative regarding digital technology use." We can see where this is going: "this study understands democratic citizenship as enacted through civic action and considers digital citizenship as similarly requiring elements of civic engagement." The question is: will the Ontario government agree?

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