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Nancy Dixon writes, "The most effective way you can increase the flow of knowledge across an organization is to connect  organizational members to each other." By 'connect' she means "'I know what you are currently working on and what problems you are facing' and you know that about me. It means, if I need help, I know what questions I might be able to ask you about. I also know how I might be able to help you, for example, when I come across something I know you are interested in." She also says, "Connected also means there is a sense of trust between us, so that I know you will respond if I ask for help and that you won’t think less of me for not knowing the answer." It's the slow method of one-on-one learning, because as she says, "The idea that you can scale knowledge sharing by posting something that everyone in the organization will learn from is a bit of an illusion, as The World Bank found out when they studied readership in 2014."

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