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I referenced this paper a couple of times in a talk I gave, and while it doesn't make precisely the point I wanted to make, it's quite good, and leads us straight to it. The concept I was talking about was the Micro-MOOC (which has many antecedents, such as the SPLOT or Microlearning, but is in other ways very much its own thing). This article was focused on personalizing MOOCs, but it does so using the micro-learning approach from traditional LMSs as well as Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Learning Information Service (LIS). They base their account of microlearning along Theo Hug's seven dimensions, leading to a formulation of "short self-contain learning pills (typical from micro-learning) that are more oriented to informal consumption." From there it's a short step to the idea of micro-MOOCs. This article goes into a lot of detail about the production and use of such microcontent and is well worth a longer look.

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