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A couple of years ago higher ed needed AI ethics. Now it needs data ethics. In the future it will need DNA ethics. We could just say higher ed needs ethics. Yes, true, as Bonnie Stewart says, "these are relatively new issues on higher education's radar as a whole." Anyhow, the bulk of this post is about a pilot survey of university educators on their knowledge, practices and perspectives about data. Here is the data set. As Stewart notes in the article, most (about 2/3) don't know where their LMS data is located, and most (2/3) mostly don't read the full terms of service. But why would they? In an institutional context, there are people to do this. Interestingly, most respondents (95%) haven't experienced serious data breach issues. And about half say institutions shouldn't analyze the records of logins, clicks, and contributions posted without express permission. None of this says 'crisis' to me. Image: Wired.

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