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This agreement is mainly about Jisc providing access through a provider - BibliU - to commercially published online learning e-textbooks "on a secure, automated platform." They advertise "Publisher created or OER content, in one place." It's not encouraging that the app receives 1 star (2.8/10) on Google Play. It doesn't help that you can't log into it at all unless you're at a university. I can see the benefits of such an agreement; one of my major issues with commercial publications is that they're a pain to access. My main objection to this announcement here is that it is using the word "sustainable" when it means "commercial". And it's just a big blank wall blocking access to the OER content. This is not an appropriate use of the word "sustainable". That's not what it means. And Jisc is engaging in some sort of green-washing and open-washing by presenting it that way. And there's an undertone here masking the real story, which is that Jisc is moving away from open educational resources, and toward commercial resources.

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