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Bootstrap 5 Templates

ThemeWagon, Oct 05, 2020

While it's possible to write your web interface directly in Bootstrap, it's not really recommended, because even without Jquery there are still other dependencies (such as Font Awesome for your icon set). So I went looking to see whether there are any Bootstrap 5 templates available (Bootstrap has its own list but they're expensive) and found this list (here's another list, and another, which I also used). Of these, I spent some time on Voler (here's the open source on GitHub) and a lot of time on Volt (GitHub). Now one problem with thrse themes is that the open source version only goes so far, and the pro version has overly restrictive licensing terms. Still, they're worth exploring - and as I was learning to install Volt I learned how to use Gulp and Webpack to bundle all the components for deployment. I also did a quick study of Sass, one of those components, to generate CSS.

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