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This article begins with a section called 'AI Benefits and Stakeholders' so we know from the management-speak what perspective it's coming from. A 'stakeholder', in this conversation, is a person or organization that derives some benefit from the program or application (notice that they don't actually have to contribute to paying for it in order to become a stakeholder). Anyhow, the point of the article can be found after some technical stuff: "Turning an AI idea into actual benefits is difficult and requires the 'right' goals, leadership, expertise, and approach. It also requires buy-in and alignment at the C-level." This is where we get to KPIs, even if the article doesn't use the term: "Goals should be well-formed, meaning they are stakeholder-specific, map actual AI outputs to applications and use cases that achieve business goals, and are appropriately sized." Good article, but remember, the value for readers is as much in learning how to use the terminology as it is with the specific advice given.

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