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I wasted about an hour of my time this morning giving the new Google Groups a good going-over. It's still useless. It's really intended to be restricted to G Suite customers (eg., G Suite Enterprise edition) and for people inside the enterprise. Yes, you can invite external pepple to join, but it's convoluted, and unless you can figure it out, you'll be faced with a 10-per day limit. Meanwhile, people can't even see your group unless they're logged in to Google. While I was checking, I looked for the old Google Plus (which was continued inside G Suite) and found it has evolved into a non-functioning service called Currents. The new Google Groups is only the first salvo; get ready for the integrated Gmail experience coming soon. Oh, and they're cutting back what you can do in Google Meet. My theory: Google is setting up these services as a revenue stream in preparation for the day when ad revenue collapses. Pictured: My G Suite admin panel (I have basic only).

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