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This is a pretty good set of reflections. It's interesting to me that so much of the value of knowledge networking is based on structure - how we connect, how many we connect, what we do when we connect. Also relevant: we learn when we talk. "We organize information differently when we talk, than when those ideas are just swimming around in our heads.  And by mentally organizing the information in preparation for speaking, we create greater understanding for ourselves." Note, though, that knowledge doesn't always originate in individuals and then percolate up - knowledge emerges through conversation (or interaction generally), so it's important to have an external perspective on these conversations (and not just the summation of the conversation). That's why sharing is so important. I'm less a fan of things like the 1-2-4-All model, which is really based for in-person sessions. The same with sitting in a circle. What's really important is that all voices are equal and everyone gets a voice.

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