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It's hard to resist passing along GPT-3 stories. They have "stunned the 'developer twitter'." There's the one where a student created an absolutely fake blog that ran for two weeks. "He retired the project with one final, cryptic, self-written message. Titled 'What I would do with GPT-3 if I had no ethics,' it described his process as a hypothetical. The same day, he also posted a more straightforward confession on his real blog." Then there's the person who fed the "first 6 Fallacies of distributed computing to Shortly app which uses GPT3 to generate short stories from given prompts. It performed mind bogglingly good and generated additional 70 fallacies. Then there's FitnessAI Knowledge, which uses GPT-3 to answer fitness-related questions. Example: "Q: Is lifting my cat a good way to exercise? A: Lifting your cat is a great way to exercise. It's also a great way to get bitten."

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