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A lot of my early thinking about online learning was based on my experience with online role-playing games (RPG) such as MUDs - Multi-User Dungeons - which were open-ended online multi-user gaming environments (here's me doing a presentation in one at Diversity University in 1995; here's a CADE conference we ran in our own MUD in 1996). They contrasted well with the linear content-heavy media of email list servers and Usenet discussion boards. Learning Management Systems, however, focused on content over community, and so the idea of online learning as open-ended environment languished. Still, it informed what we were trying to do with MOOCs, and, according to this article, may inform the next generation of Learning eXperience Platforms (LXP). "LXPs with its philosophy, its use of data science, its personalization, with it being social in nature, providing for continuous learning needs and updating personal skill sets is as close to an RPG and a new way in which we learn in our modern world."

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