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So I learned today that "cat detector systems are really the Hello World of AI." It was in the context of this talk (there's a transcript to read) on accessing AI services with simple Javascript applications. The main point you should read here (aside from the bit about cats) is that it can be done. It is being done. This is something I mentioned in a conversation yesterday, with reference to the OpenAI API. Here's how it works: it retrieves the image from a URL, and then sends it to the AI API (could be Amazon, Google, Microsoft - most companies have APIs these days) to process in an image recognition task. The API returns the verdict: 'cat' or 'not-cat' (and maybe a degree of confidence). The talk continues with a number of other examples of such services in action. "Serverless computing," concludes the author, "will increasingly become a standard enterprise development tool, and incorporating lots of AI components."

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