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There is definitely a risk that U.S. colleges and universities will become contagion tinderboxes if they open this fall, and there's a risk that many will close permanently if they don't. As usual, the peoplke who will suffer either way are the low-income and marginalized. And that's the problem with the system in a nutshell. In this article Michael S. Roth suggests that while the education system is overdue for some changes, it won't be technophilia that changes it. Collehges and universities are tyoo valuable to be converted by tech: "they’re a rare venue for bringing together people open to discoveries about themselves and the world." But they need tyo take steps to address inequalities, steps that include doing away with standardized tests, that work toward genuine dialogue between dissenting views, hybrid learning to lower costs, and greater integration into the community. All this would be a start. But only a start.

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