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The idea of 'Together Mode' is that instead of displaying each person in their own box, the system extracts a head-and-shoulders video and places it as an avatar on a scene, for example (pictured) in an audience. It's an interesting idea. One reviewer says, "Once you get over the fun or gimmicky parts of it, it actually feels like a far better way to remove visual distractions that you normally see in large gallery views in meetings." Maybe. I personally think that 'Zoom fatigue' is being overplayed - yes, anyone is going to tire after back-to-back meetings; having done it in the office I can attest to that. Maybe alternative displays like this will help, but I think we're more likely to want to use the Zoom conference as a second screen to allow us to focus on something in addition to just each other - an interactive document, a livestreamed event, or - yes - a crowd shot. More from Microsoft's education blog.

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