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The story here is that "universities and charities are among those who will be paid to create bespoke content for the social media giant" and "the new focus could appeal to the trend for micro-learning, said one expert." While my first reaction might be to respond that nobody wants education on TikTok, when I think of it (I've been a regular viewer for about a year now) I've seen a lot of videos (on my 'For You' feed) promoting indigenous culture, offering Covid advice, and just generally promoting well-being. "TikTok is a safe space to explore stories that matter most to young people, so (for) things like black history, LGBTQ stories from some of our sites, women's history as well - it feels like a very safe, welcoming environment." By contrast, when I've looked at videos while not logged in, I've seen a lot of alt-right stuff, so there's that, too. So while there's probably a solid educational market there, there's probably a bigger one for advertising and propaganda. More on TikTok.

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