Content-type: text/html ~ Stephen's Web ~ We’ve Surveyed 82 School Districts That Launched Remote Learning Amid the Pandemic. Here’s What Did (and Didn’t) Work This Spring — and What It Means for Next Year

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School districts started slowly in response to the nation-wide shutdown. But "Two months later, 61 percent of a larger sample set of districts (50 of 82 districts reviewed) provide remote learning plans that include formal curriculum, instruction and progress monitoring, and 99 percent of districts we reviewed (81 of 82) are providing students access to a formal curriculum." The issues were what you would expect: difficulties for special needs students, bandwidth limitations, and difficulties tracking students. Challenges still lie ahead: "No district we reviewed has yet launched a comprehensive reopening plan, and just 22 percent have named a process or timeline for developing 2020-21 fall reopening plans."

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