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Clayton R. Wright writes, "The list is a little long simply because some events are listed twice - their original scheduled dates and the new postponed dates... Due to the world-wide presence of the Covid-19 virus, do check event websites as some have or will be postponed, some cancelled, and others converted to an online format. You also need to know what expectations the conference organizers may have of attendees (e.g., must face masks be worn) and details of refund policies, if any. Events that have been converted from a face-to-face to an online format, may occur over a shorter or longer period than the original posted time. So, check the event websites carefully.

I have organized a number of major conferences with volunteer staff. I know how difficult it must be to have to cancel an event after all the hard work has taken place. It can be quite a challenge to cancel when the conference is the major source of income for a professional association and/or you are still responsible for payments to hotels, caterers, keynote speakers, and banks for processing conference registrations; yet, you have to refund the registration fees. Participants want a full refund, but you have bills that must be paid. I empathize with conference organizers. Cancellation or postponement of a conference can be difficult. Yet, as in the case for the Corvid-19 pandemic, the greater good comes first. People's safety and well-being are top priorities for all of us." 163 page MS-Word Document. Image: Alan Levine.

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