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Microsoft has been playing catch-up with Teams but this announcement marks the continuation of a smart strategy. "You can now access your Canvas LMS content and coming soon your Moodle courses from within Teams, giving you a single space for collaborative learning no matter your physical location." Of course what this also does is shift the locus of learning from these LMS platforms and into the Teams environment. But this is probably not a bad thing - relegating them to a secondary role also helps push learning content into a secondary role, elevating interaction and community to the foreground. But we're not where we want to be yet - where things get interesting is when the plugin applications - GO1 for Canvas and Skooler for Moodle - connect to other videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom or WebEx. Or - maybe - we'll one day get an interoperable videoconeferencing network, so it doesn't matter what video platform you're using. Ah, wishes...

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