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Long-time readers will know that this has been a perennial theme here at OLDaily. Using blog posts, Medium articles, YouTube videos, MOOCs and online learning communities, people have been educating themselves online, and it has been reported (and encouraged) here. This article cites Dian Schaffhauser, who writes that "a do-it-yourself mindset is changing the face of education worldwide, according to new survey results." Ray Schroeder also says "one of the first to leverage the power of the internet for learning was Salman Khan," which is surely not true, as he started only in 2008.

But what is true, and has been true for a long time, is this: "Perhaps we have not been losing learners in the U.S. at all. In fact, there may be millions more postsecondary learners in the U.S. than ever before; they are simply not enrolling directly in colleges and universities, but instead choosing to DIY via MOOCs and other online, nondegree modes." This is where we have been working for decades.

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