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I was invited to Online Educa Berlin (OEB) for a few years in a row, enough to make Berlin in December feel like a regular event, but then they stopped inviting me, so now I rely on posts like this one from Donald Clark to keep up with events. It seems like OEB was its usual self, with some high points, some misses, and in all a convivial mix of academic and commerce. I note Clark's critiques well - "One feature of learning conferences is a general refusal to face up to political issues such as cost and inequality. It is assumed that education is an intrinsic good, no matter what the cost. No reflection on WHY Brexit, Trump, Gilet Jaunes and other political upheavals are happening, only a firm belief that we keep on doing what we do, no matter the cost. This is myopic." I agree. Ebba Ebba Ossiannilsson and I discussed similar themes during our off-time here in Brazil. There will be change, becaus the current state is unsustainable, wheher people want to talk about it or not.

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