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So... OK then. "What exactly is open learning in 2019? I was drawn to this question by the following statement:  'When it comes to the availability of open course content, we may be retreating from where we were even a few years ago… which seems really surprising.'" I'm not really surprised. But let's continue. "My co-blogger Steve Mintz suggests what might amount to a do-over for the MOOC movement: What if a group of leading institutions created a higher ed compact (i.e., not a consortium)? That compact would be based upon three ideas: make campus developed tools openly available to non-profits; disaggregate some instructional content; and work with Mellon, Howard Hughes, etc. to create a new JSTOR or ARTSTOR for pedagogy. He dubs it: One for all. All for one." All fine - except that the foundations will demand 'sustainability', the institutions will expect some sort of direct return, and ultimately, the commercialization cycle will start again.

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