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I've learned from the eCampus Ontario Extend MOOC that (a) I need more than one email reminder a week to participate, and (b) when I see a message that says "To see course content, sign in or register" I just move on to something else. Life is too short for logins. But those challenges pale in comparison with the MOOC being offered here by OpenLearning - these's not even a URL to sign up for it! After looking for a notice on their website (none) and for a press rlease (nothing) I eventually found it buried in the course listings. Here it is. Of course there's a login (bleah) and after three modules or so you'll finally make it into Amazon Web Services (AWS) via yet another login. I didn't think it was a terrible course but I did find it a lot more work to take than it had to be. Anyhow, the real story here is the partnership between AWS and the MOOC provider to drive customers toward the service.

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