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I'm sympathetic with this sentiment from Donald Clark, having seen my share: " Gone are the days when HR and L&D were at the forefront of personal development. Much ‘training’ is now targeted at protecting the organisation from their own employees. A tsunami of compliance and identity training has overwhelmed L&D." I also agree that "I have values and have no interest in HR telling me what my values should be." But we shouldn't confuse between bad training and bad ideas. People should learn about things like leadership, values, identity, diversity, and bias. But being lectured to about these doesn't help anybody - it just creates the sort of pushback we see in Clark's post. And - as always - if our managers, governments and corporations want us to learn about these, then they need to live those princples they want to teach, so we can see them in action. To teach, after all, is to model and demonstrate.

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