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This is a partial podcast transcript of a discussion with a panel (Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen, Margarita Quihuis and Safiya Noble) discussing behaviour design using educational technology. I like the analogy with the Ikea showroom, though it suggests something a bit pernicious: you cant't go wherever you want in an Ikea store the way you can in a department store, and the design is not for your benefit, it's for Ikea's. There's a slant to the piece (crediting the 'invention' of the field to a Stanford professor in the 90s; telling us that diversity, in this case at least, "isn't because of kumbaya") and the presentation of the (false?) hope that "if they understand the principles of persuasive systems, then that also means that they are able to reject unwanted influence" but it's worth thinking about.

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