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If there's anything more predictable than the starry-eyed technology hype article, it's the deeply sceptical tech criticism article that follows, on cure, a week later. Case in point: this article on why blockchain isn't some sort of magical miracle. Cue the outrage: " I fear putting more of our economy -- and even our educational systems -- 'on the blockchain' hardwires an extremist neoliberal worldview into the very code of our society." I don't think so, at least, I don't think it will be so any more than it is currently in the financial and stock markets we already have. Moreover, it's difficult to do business on the blockchain without being accountable for what you've done, which is actual an advance over what we have today. As usual, the greater familiarity we have with the tech, the more we see it is both good and bad at the same time, and both part of the solution and part of the problem.

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