Jay Cross, Internet Time, Feb 26, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Now that Jay Cross has completed his coverage of his trip to Scotland, it is well worth summarizing in an item. One think I like about his work is the number of photos and images - they add a lot. So we are treated with one set, then then another, before we get to the conference. Then coverage of the opening plenary which included one scathing review and this observation: "How many in the audience use PowerPoint at least once a month? (Most of us.) How many learned it by attending a course? (1 person) How many learned via eLearning? (2) How many learned through trial and error and/or asking people for help? (45) This is a typical finding." Moving on, we get some classic Jay as, on the fly, he prepares and gives a talk that covers emergent learning, networks and learning and visual learning - and though we express it differently, it is clear that he and I are on the same wavelength here. More pictures, and then a good summary of a talk by Etienne Wegner, the father of the community of practice. Jay grabs the key point (and in so doing, the logic behind (what should become) learning metadata): "The three aspects of social learning are the Domain, the Practice, and the Community. What, how, and who." Finally, Jay concludes with an amusing describtion of the closing plenary, in which students berate the assembled for chattering and not paying attention. Nobody covers conferences better that Jay Cross.
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