What if JavaScript wins?

Anil Dash, May 07, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm not really a fan of Javascript though I've been working with it for many years (long enough to see it become ECMAScript and JavaScript). Still, I can see why it would become so popular: it works in web broswers, integrates seamlessly with the document object model, and therefore is widely used. Add server-side Javascripe and Node.js and NPM and you have a winner. Thus Anil Dash writes "we’ve never seen one open language become a nearly-universal programming language for coders" and gushes "we just might be on the precipice of an era in coding that’s unprecedented, where we might actually see something new in the patterns of adoption and usage of an entire programming language." So is it time to rewrite gRSShopper for Node?

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