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The point of this article is to argue that the greatest threat to for-profit education is the for-profit industry itself. This became clear when regulations were drafted to weed out bad actors. "At this point, there are ample data that suggest the for-profit education sector in the U.S. doesn’t just have a few bad apples; it’s primarily comprised of them." Recently, we've seen two major incursions from the for-profit sector into the educational technology space: for-profit MOOCs, and coding bootcamps. But these don't have the student loan revenue that supported previous for-profit ventures. What I see is that they're pivoting to corporate learning. But how long will it be before corporations begin weeding out the bad apples in their learning sector? At a certain point, the gravy train for for-profits comes to an end - unless they can lobby to gave government foot the bill. Which is what they're trying to do.

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