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The least interesting thing about this post is that there's some startup doing something. Far more interesting is the question the project poses: if your brain is perfectly preserved, that is, all neurons and connections remain intact, then if it's restarted again, have you survived? Our first instinct is to say 'no', but there are cases where ringworms are completely frozen, later thawed, and demonstrated the same memories it had before freezing. So in theory it's possible. Oe another approach: " A connectome map could be the basis for re-creating a particular person's consciousness, believes Ken Hayworth." This involves preserving all the connections in a brain, without necessarily preserving the physical material. Anyhow, " Nectome has been honing its pitch for Y Combinator's demo days..." - I imagine the first part of the process works fine, but I want to see the second part, which has historically proven to be the hardest. If they can accomplish that, they won't need VC funding.

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