The web is under threat. Join us and fight for it.

Tim Berners-Lee, World Wide Web Foundation, Mar 12, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Tim Berners-Lee has released a statement for the 29th anniversary of the World Wide Web. "I remain committed to making sure the web is a free, open, creative space — for everyone," he writes, "That vision is only possible if we get everyone online, and make sure the web works for people." He outlines some key areas where work needs to be done, for example: " we must support policies and business models that expand access to the world’s poorest." But the web is less diverse than it used to be and a few platformes have monopolized much of web traffic. We need to challenge "the myth that advertising is the only possible business model for online companies, and the myth that it’s too late to change the way platforms operate." More: BBC News.

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