More than 120 live online trainings just released on O'Reilly's learning platform

O'Reilly, Mar 07, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I don't normally post list of course offerings like this (so don't ask) but I wanted to highlight the business model here (I also wanted to complain bitterly about the use of the word 'trainings' as a plural noun - the English language groans in agony). First, O'Reilly is a publisher, not an educational institution, but they're moving into that territory. These are live online events, but the archives are stored and can also be used as training resources. Even more to the point, access is by subscription model only - they'll set you back $US 39 a month if you're a sole learner, more for groups. This is about the pricing average for these bundled services. I don't know what the subscription rates are like, but it doesn't take that many to turn into a substantial revenue stream.

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